Rob’s Anime Experience Is Yours

Henshin founder Rob Pereyda has been at the forefront of the anime sector’s transformation. Below are case studies from Rob’s in-house corporate work at Crunchyroll (2008-2011) and Netflix (2020-2022).

Senior Director, Business Development / VP, Licensing
SituationIn March 2008, Crunchyroll was an early stage user-generated content (UGC) site with Series A funding. It received DMCA notices for copyrighted content and needed to switch to a studio-licensed model.
Solution・Creating a revenue-sharing subscription
・“Switchover” date from all UGC to licensed content
・Going direct to Japan around US distributors (60+ initial simulcasts closed)
Crunchyroll sold to Sony
Google Trends Mar. ’08-Dec.’23

Head of Anime, Editorial & Publishing
SituationIn early 2020, Netflix had early signals from initial successes of anime on-service, but anime was unique in that its export appeal was exceptionally high. Netflix needed a strategy and to harness anime’s full potential.
Solution・Leading internal strategy groups and roadshows
・Launching a dedicated anime YouTube channel and scaling it with new technologies
・Leading global campaigns on key “gateway” titles
Anime viewing
on Netflix 2020
Netflix Anime YouTube subs
3B Hours
Anime viewed 1H 2023


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